howard benevolent society

Making a difference in people’s lives since 1812

About Us

For over 200 years, Howard Benevolent Society has been responding to the needs of the elderly and families in Boston.  We have remained steadfast in our commitment to sustain financial resources to provide funds for basic needs and advocacy. Over the years, Howard Benevolent Society has maintained our mission and unique place in the Boston community with direct services.

Our History

Inspired by the humanitarian work of John Howard in England, a group of citizens met in their homes to discuss their concern for the suffering of those in need in the city of Boston. The outcome of those meetings was the creation of Howard Benevolent Society in 1812 to provide direct services to respond to basic needs such as food, heat and housing. 

our Mission

Howard Benevolent Society, a non-profit private charity, supports families and the elderly in the Boston community by sustaining financial resources to respond and intervene when people are in temporary crisis. Howard Benevolent Society believes that every individual has a need for stable and adequate shelter, therefore homelessness prevention is a priority. 

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